Coderise empowers young students in developing nations by teaching them how to build great web applications.

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In developing nations, very often opportunities for going up the economic and social ladder are limited. Today, the internet and technology have democratized this opportunity. Coderise not only creates access to technology but also teaches kids how to create with it.

Whether it"s getting freelance jobs with global clients, internships with local software development firms or even starting their own tech startups, Coderise will offer all the skills, tools and connections necessary to realize their full potential.

Coderise is a program free of cost for the students. Weekly transportation and meals will be covered.

Meet Coderise Class of 2014

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Coderise seeks to:

  • Teach to create

    Coderise focuses on the programming skills that are in high demand and that will provide students with the tools to go out there and start creating.

  • Inspire by Example

    Coderise brings the most recognized tech entrepreneurs and programmers to share inspiring and technical know-how on their work.

  • Real World Learning

    Coderise provides an 8-week intensive training program based on team and project-driven learning to build products.

  • Connect to opportunities

    Coderise will connect students with internship opportunities to continue learning, creating and collaborating.

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